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“Arctic Update” Interview with Steffen Weber in Nordic Cleantech Review

As rising temperatures reduce ice levels in the Arctic, interest continues to escalate in drilling for the rich deposits of oil and gas in the region. 

Photo from the Nordic Cleantech Review

Environmental groups and other organizations caution that the receding ice should not set off a drilling free-for-all. Studies continue to conclude that the region is too fragile, the risks of accidents too great and the equipment and plans to clean up spills inadequate. “The Arctic holds the world’s largest remaining untapped gas reserves and some of its largest undeveloped oil reserves. A significant proportion of these reserves lie offshore, in the Arctic’s shallow and biologically productive shelf seas,” according to the World Wildlife Federation (WWF). Read more…

Interview with Steffen Weber in Deutsche Welle “All eyes on the Arctic Council”

Photo: DW/I.Quaile

In the context of the eight ministerial meeting of the Arctic Council, Steffen Weber, Secretary General of the Arctic Forum Foundation was interviewed by Deutsche Welle about the historic decision to be made on the inclusion of China and other states as well as on the EU’s role in the Arctic.  Read more…

Arctic Forum Fellows and Secretary General Contributing to the Arctic Yearbook 2012: Documenting Fast Times in the Arctic

The Arctic Yearbook 2012 was released online in November 2012, and officially launched at an event at the Université du Québec à Montréal, a University of the Arctic member. The Arctic Yearbook 2012 had 17 articles and 5 commentaries written by 28 authors from 12 countries. Arctic Forum Foundation’s own Steffen Weber, Cécile Pelaudeix and Iulian Romanyshyn contributed to the edition with a comment on EU’s New Arctic Communication. You can read their contribution here.  Read more…

“Arctic Buzzes from Brussels” Interview with Steffen Weber in Buzzes from Brussels

Photo: Morguefile

Arctic Forum Foundation’s Steffen Weber was interviewed by Buzzes from Brussels in a Policy Briefing by ECORYS focusing on the Arctic.  Read more…

Offshore Oil and Gas Safety: Secretary General Steffen Weber interviewed by CommentVisions for a view from the Arctic

The Residence Palace in Brussels hosted the September 17thpanel discussion “Offshore Oil and Gas: Which Path to Improving Safety?” conducted by the innovative media partnership/opinion forum CommentVisions. The forum’s Community Manager Robert Zlowkower interviewed Arctic Forum Foundation’s Secretary General Steffen Weber to obtain his viewpoint, as an Arctic specialist, on the direction and scope of recently proposed EU offshore oil and gas safety regulations.

Read more…


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