What makes us different?

An Extensive Network of Experts
Drawing from its years of experience in the dual arenas of EU and Arctic politics, as well as upon its extensive network of science and experts spanning the entirety of the Arctic Circle and beyond, the stakeholders and experts engaged in our Advisory Council possess a broad background in European and Arctic politics and science. We enjoy a healthy diversity among our network, with members coming from a wide range of backgrounds and origins, both personally and professionally. Many of these members are experts or decision makers in their respective fields. The Foundation is also proud to count leaders within the Arctic indigenous community amongst our network of friends and colleagues.

A wide range of recognition
Many Arctic and non-Arctic governmental, scientific, business and civil society organizations have successfully cooperated with AFF over the past few years. Additionally, AFF has participated at the executive level in more than 30 prominent international conferences, covering the realms of politics, science and business.  These include The Economist’s Arctic Summit; The Global Economic Symposium; Polar Shipping Summit; plus numerous energy conferences and think tank meetings.

Media coverage of AFF’s activities and expertise can be found in a number of global, regional and industry media outlets, among them: The Economist; Interfax; Russia Today; International Journal;  Deutsche Welle; ARD Deutschlandfunk; Dagens Näringsliv; Barents Saga; CommentVisions; European Voice; EU- Observer; Polar View; Embassy; The Arctic Yearbook and others.


Partners, Participants and Friends

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