Trade Routes in the High North – The Arctic shortcut between Europe and Asia, by Steffen Weber and Andreas Raspotnik, European Parliament Magazine, April 30, 2012

Climate change and economic developments will lead to unprecedented changes in the Arctic region, posing significant economic, ecological and social challenges, but also open up increased potentials for shipping, fishing, offshore petroleum exploration, and maritime tourism. The Arctic has already become an area of serious economic opportunity, amidst of which the prospective establishment of new international maritime trade routes stands out. Read more…

How to think of the Arctic in a globalized world?

“The Arctic in Transition, Regional Issues and Geopolitics,” 3-4 October 2011 in Montréal, Canada confronted regional, national and global perspectives on the Arctic. Debates, led by Prof. Alain Faure, showed the complexity of dealing with the Arctic as a totality: if the shift from confrontation to cooperation in international relations in the Arctic was an achievement worth enjoying. General Secretary of the EUAF Steffen Weber and EUAF Researcher Cecile Pelaudeix, who opened day 2 participated in the conference. Read more…


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