The delimitation process in the Central Arctic Seabed: Sovereign rights or a condominium or res communis omnium?

This paper focuses briefly on the positions and practices of the Arctic coastal States within the ongoing process of delineation of the outer limits of their continental shelves in the Arctic seabed. Namely, it particularly takes into account the seabed under the North Pole (the Lomonosov ridge) rich with energy resources which stretch across the Arctic Ocean and separate the Amerasian Basin from the Eurasian Basin.

The paper starts with a brief analysis of the ‘Arctic question’ and the applicable law thereto, it will then proceed by studying the current work of the CLCS on the Arctic seabed and it will conclude with final reflections.

This paper was presented as an Agora paper to the ESIL 5th General Conference.

Read the full paper here.

Written by Claudia Cinelli
Research Fellow AFF


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