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Iceland accession to the EU: “A significant step forward”

Iceland who applied for EU membership in 2009 has progressed “at a good speed” in the negotiations for accession to the EU, remarked Commissioner Štefan Füle at the press conference following the Intergovernmental conference on  Iceland’s Accession to the EU on Friday 22 June. Read more…

New publication: What Holds the Arctic Together ?

by Cecile Pelaudeix, Alain Faure, Robert Griffiths, Paris, L’Harmattan, coll. Logiques Politiques, 2012

The Arctic region is undergoing dramatic transformation. With the melting of ice, the circumpolar region is subject to increasing forces of globalization, and navigation through the Northwest and the Northeast passages is rapidly emerging as a practical and commercial proposition. Read more…

Arctic in the European Commission Communication on the External Energy Policy

On 8 September Günther Oettinger, the European Commissioner for Energy, presented a new communication on international cooperation with external energy suppliers. Prompted by several bilateral gas negotiations between Eastern member states and Russia last year the document calls for information exchange mechanisms and transparency between the member states and the Commission. The communication comes at particularly critical time as a decision on Southern Gas Corridor picks up a momentum. Read more…

Delimitation agreement: A new era in the Barents Sea and the Arctic?

Almost 40 years of border dispute between  Russia and Norway in the Barents Sea is officially over. Both Oslo and Moscow can now rightfully map the area that has been ruled by a moratorium since 1980. The treasure hunt began only hours after the treaty went into force on July 7, 2011. What implications will the delimitation agreement have? Read more…

Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik: Presentation of the Online Survey

On May 26, Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik (SWP) presented preliminary results of the online survey “European Perceptions of the Arctic,” conducted within the research program Geopolitics in the High North. The event was held at the premises of the North Rhine-Westphalia representation office in Brussels and was organized in cooperation with Norwegian Institute for Defence Studies (IFS). EU ARCTIC FORUM Brussels was invited to contribute to the feedback session of the presentation. Read more…


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