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Offshore Oil and Gas Safety: Secretary General Steffen Weber interviewed by CommentVisions for a view from the Arctic

The Residence Palace in Brussels hosted the September 17thpanel discussion “Offshore Oil and Gas: Which Path to Improving Safety?” conducted by the innovative media partnership/opinion forum CommentVisions. The forum’s Community Manager Robert Zlowkower interviewed Arctic Forum Foundation’s Secretary General Steffen Weber to obtain his viewpoint, as an Arctic specialist, on the direction and scope of recently proposed EU offshore oil and gas safety regulations.

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Conference on Raw Materials in the Arctic – and Foreign Policy Challenges in the Danish Parliament, Copenhagen May 2012

Peter Bay Kirkegaard, Chief Consultant Danish Industries and EUAF Secretary General Steffen Weber

Secretary General of the EU Arctic Forum, Steffen Weber addressed the audience of politicians, scientist, environmental and business organizations during the conference both on the developing EU policy as well as on increasing interests and contributions by member states and business sectors and underlined the need for a platform between business and the political sectors, as well as the role of the EU in Arctic Policy.
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The High Level Petersburg Dialogue between Russia and Germany: Introducing an Arctic Panel

For the first time in the tradition of the High Level Meetings between Russia and Germany in the well established Petersburg Dialogue organized by the Adenauer Foundation a partner also to the EU Arctic Forum, a special panel on the Arctic was introduced and opened by Steffen Weber, Secretary General of the EU Arctic Forum. Also for the first time Norwegian participants were invited to this special forum. Read more…

3rd Polar Shipping Summit – London, May 30-31, 2012

EU Arctic Forum’s Secretary General Steffen Weber opening the Summit highlighted the critical need for increased communication between the private and public sector to ensure a careful and sustainable development of a new era of Arctic shipping. Read more…

Tällberg Forum in Sigtuna, Sweden: “How on earth can we live together?” Steffen Weber, Secretary General of the EU Arctic Forum introduces the Arctic in the debate

Organized annually by Tällberg Foundation, the Forum traditionally brings together intellectuals, politicians, businessmen, and independent thinkers from all over the world to discuss the challenges the globe is facing today. Steffen Weber, Secretary General of the EU Arctic Forum, noted in the discussion the importance of tackling rapid changing within the regions, which was also addressed by other High North representatives. Read more…


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